On the 27th of June 2009 - on the day of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Perpetual Help  - I wandered alone along the Kościeliska Valley in Tatra mountains. When I came to Ornak Glade (Hala Ornak)

I heard inside myself calling of  Mary to create a group of young men scout consisting of two parts: youth from normal families and youth rejected (from  an orphanage). Two months before the day I stoped  leading scout patrol in Gdansk Orphanage of the Foundation “Family of Hope”  - seeing no sense of this activity.

The calling of Mary inspired  me to organize in July 2009 a private scout expedition  along Beskid mountains where participants were boys from the orphanage and  from common families.

Members of the private expedition  established Scout Pack of Wolves.  After  2 years youth from the  orphanage leaved the Pack.   But in the same time some new boys joined the Pack – fundamental number of them was  from  large families.  I realized that youth from large families is also rejected (because in contemporary society members of large families are treated as a pathology). So the Pack decided to be  especially open to young men from large families. And this idea  became the new priority of the Pack.


The patron of the Pack is Pope John Paul II - the man who commended his life  to Mary.

I believe that as  the creation of the Pack was inspired by the Virgin Mary – she is  the one who takes care of the Pack and will do it in the future.


Jerzy Gach