Some years ago when I was a Commander of Independent Circle of Scout Leaders "LS" I had a dream.

I dreamed that I was going from shop to shop with newspapers to find some news about LS. But no newspapers wrote about the organization. At last I saw a shop situated under ground. I went downstairs to the shop. And just than the door disappeared and I stood alone in dark, closed grotto under ground. I was afraid. But in the next moment I saw a tree which grew up and opened the way of rescue for me (I saw a circle of blue sky). It was a leafy tree (probably apple tree). I put my hands on the bark to begin climbing up the tree. But I felt a great pain. I realized that it was not simple tree but the Tree of Cross. On the top of the tree I saw Mary (mother of God) which asked me to climb up (because it was the only way of rescue) and promised me to help during this painful way. In this moment I woke up.

I didn't understand this dream but in some weeks the majority of my lovely organization thrown me aside and I went out of that group (with 1st Troop of Boy Scouts). Mary prepared me for comming difficulties and shown me the best way for me in future - the way of glorious cross witch is the gateway to heaven.


Jerzy Gach "Prophet Jerry"